"Untitled (NZME #2)" Oil on Canvas 188x129cm

Stills from "Per Månsson / Ingvar Andersson", video 15min, 2010


The exhibition "Murder at the Savoy - Exhibition of a Crime" Malmö Konsthall 2010

Video 15min

In 1969 Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö wrote the crime novel Murder at the Savoy (Polis polis potatismos); the sixth novel in the series "The Story of a Crime". Because it went beyond the previous ideals and format of crime fiction, the series is today regarded as the starting point of an iconic genre. Sjöwall & Wahlöö’s stylistic authorship brought insight into real police work and made visible society’s social and political structures in a new way. Crime fiction moved from being a genre in which an upper-class character had been solving murder mysteries at castles and estates, towards creating an understanding of the real work of a police detective. The couple’s collaboration and their perspective have been inspiring crime writers ever since, and have now inspired us to create an art project.

The novel’s plot begins with a murder at the Hotel Savoy in Malmö. It is the summer of 1969 and the CEO of an international company has been shot. The clues lead back to shady weapon deals linked to top leaders in society. The government orders parallel investigations by the secret service. Chief Inspector Martin Beck is called down from Stockholm to solve the case together with Per Månsson from Malmö.

The video work "Per Månsson / Ingvar Andersson" retells the story of the investigation, through the eyes of the retired police officer Per Månsson, played by the Malmö-based actor Ingvar Andersson, that also portayed Månsson in the 1992 movie adaptation (with Gösta Ekman as Martin Beck). Andersson enrich the Månsson character by using his own experiences of Malmö and and how the city have deveoped through the decades. This makes the work both a portrait of Månsson, Andersson, Malmö and the murder story, the 1960's, 1990's and 2010. Beside the video, the work also include a performance; a public talk between the artist and Månsson / Andersson.

Movie poster and book design "The Murder at Savoy"

Ingvar Andersson as Per Månsson (1992)

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