Installation view, Marabouparken


In collaboration with Marabouparken, Sundbyberg (Stockholm)

Mixed media (drawings, photos, archive material, 16mm film, animation etc.)

Martin Karlsson’s Levande Skulpturer – Bo Walls verk från Marabouparken (Living Sculptures – Bo Wall’s Works from the Marabou Park) shows drawings, short animations and film sequences in which Bo Wall literally infuses life into selected sculptures and establishes his own fantasy world in the Marabou Park. “Bo Wall” is an amalgamation of a real relative of Martin Karlsson, who was employed by Marabou, and the artist himself. Martin Karlsson, whose work is often site-specific and related to historical and contemporary culture production, here portrays a Swedish 1950s, which, aesthetically, was characterised by the clash of Disney and rather more academic approach. Gustav Vigeland’s Lekande Björnar (Playing Bears) have, for the moment, taken a break from the play and lumber about peacefully on the lawn, while Bror Hjorth’s Margit has left her resting place, masked as a tree trunk, and sneaks, naked, down the slop towards the lower, open part of the park. In Wall’s Marabou Park, there is no factory and no factory workers who disturb the Arcadian serenity. Here, the park is in its paradisiacal original state. The fact that the Marabou Park gladly lends itself to this vision would undoubtedly have pleased the park’s landscape architect, Sven Hermelin. He very much wanted the park to feel like it had emerged naturally – as if it one had simply brought out an already existing, “natural” landscape.

Helena Selder and Bettina Phersson, Marabouparken, 2010

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Photos of the sculptures in the Marabou Park

Film stills, 16mm

Archive image of a gardener in the Marabou Park (1950's)

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