Entry/Exit (after Nils Wedel)

Norrköping Art Museum, Norrköping, Sweden, 2013

Paintings, Sculptures, Costumes and Ceramic displayed on mobile structures, Performance etc.

Based on the mural "Entry of the Arts" (1943) by Nils Wedel, in the stairwell of Norrköpings Art Museum, Martin Karlsson Tebus has used the motif of the mural as a form of manuscript from which he has recreated paintings, sculptures, clothings and handicrafts, working in collaboration with local artists and craft people. More than anything, the synthesis of the artforms portayed in "Entry of the Arts" depics a street performance where art takes place in the public space, and where the recreated and embodied "Entry/Exit (after Nils Wedel)" works as props for both exiting the museum and entering the city as stage.

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